Plenary meeting for the foundation of an autonomous BIPOC unit

We would like to invite you to the plenary meeting for the foundation of an autonomous BIPoC unit.
This will take place on 27.01 at 18:00 in the Studierendenhaus(Universitätsplatz 10; Campus Holländischer Platz;) in presence under observance of the valid Corona rules.
The autonomous units at the university are representations of interest for the respective addressed people.
So far there is the Autonomous Flinta* Unit, the Autonomous Parents Unit, the Autonomous Unit for Barrier-Free Studying and the Autonomous Queer* Unit.
However, there is no autonomous BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) unit yet.
On this day, the department will be founded, the statutes will be passed and speakers will be elected.

All BIPoC students are free to participate and stand up as speakers.
The following agenda is proposed for the plenary meeting:

  1. welcome and determination of the quorum
  2. approval of the agenda
  3. presentation of the unit and the statutes
  4. adoption of the statutes
  5. election of the speakers
  6. miscellaneous

All BIPoC students are invited. BIPOC stands for: Black, Indigenous and People of Color and is a collective term for Black, Indigenous and non-white people,people with migration history, people with experiences of racism.
At the University of Kassel there are many BIPoC students who are confronted with different problems in their everyday life. The Autonomous BIPoC Unit should create the possibility to organize
themselves within a Safer Space. For BIPoC people there should be structures and resources at our university where they can address the issues that are important to them.
A mostly white university management and student council can neither recognize the problems of BIPOC people at our university nor work against them, for that we need a structure that is organized by the people themselves. Anti-racist, anti-colonial work for us always means to fight discrimination experiences with an intersectional view.For an antiracist, anticolonial university free of any discrimination.

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