Heute Endende Bewerbungsfrist für TEDx Kassel

Dear TEDxKassel enthusiast,

we face a crisis which threatens all of us. A challenge unprecedented in size and exacerbated through social divide. Yet, there still is hope. Bright minds are envisioning an inclusive future, where everyone can contribute to make a difference. TEDxKassel wants to share these brilliant ideas with you.

  • Be inspired by amazing talks on how we can become future proof, delivered by change makers from Germany, India, South Africa and Indonesia, with topics as diverse as the future of mobility, a human-centered digitalization, how art can spark change, creating a currency which benefits the society, rethinking our educational system and many more.
  • Be connected by exchanging your ideas with decision makers and other extraordinary minds attending the event.
  • Be involved by participating in the workshops on how to create real impact offered by innovative businesses from the region and speakers.

The future doesn’t wait. Come and join us to shape the #TalesOfTomorrow at #TEDxKassel

Get one of the tickets via http://tickets.tedxkassel.com


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